Sustainable Acts: Mother Earth's Embrace are conversations, workshops, exhibitions at the intersections of Arts and Science. An interdisciplinary team of professional/experts to think and act innovatively about the blurring/blending the intersection of the arts, sciences and environmental studies to demonstrate, investigate and to engage in creative thinking to expand the knowledge base for future research, understanding and involvement for the sake of more effective communicative strategies for heater community participation and awareness. Honoring the Institute of the Environment of The University of Minnesota to Build a better future, our aim is to demonstrate how essential the arts are/can be in working with this goal to advance greater and deeper consciousness of global environmental sustainable challenges. 

For further information contact Roslye Ultan

Public Art Exhibition

SAMEE culminated in a public art exhibition of approximately 60 mixed-media works by twenty artists. The project is designed to involve communication with diverse communities of professional organizations, agencies, individuals to stimulate and create networks for interconnections that do not typical intersect.

The intent was to spark new ways to engage in relationships while evolving a range of how to look at sustainable land use, garden ecosystems, organic food production, reuse of materials through the perspective lens of artists that translate and interpret difficult scientific materials into a language which lures and stirs emotional responses into action.

Was held Fall 2015-2016. James Brenner and Liz Dodson were one of the 5 artists from the 2015-2016 exhibition selected to bring a video installation to Siberia, Russia in the fall of 2018.